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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cafe Press shirts

I previously wrote about my experience of ordering shirts from Cafe Press.  I designed and ordered a shirt from my personal store, after receiving it I had a chance to wear and wash it a few times.  So far the shirt is holding up well to washing with no noticeable fading of the colors.  I think the shirt shrank a bit after washing it once so I should have got a larger size but that's not a big issue.  I do recommend ordering shirts from Cafe Press, but can only recommend lighter shirts with printing for now since I have not ordered a dark shirt.
I had ordered from zazzle a dark shirt with printing and that experience was not so great for the person I got it for. They say the printing came off after the first wash, Zazzle says there must have been  a printing error and would replace it.  That situation is still pending a pic from the recipient.  I can not recommend dark shirts at Zazzle for now and have no experience with light shirts either.  Stay tuned.

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