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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New website

I was impressed to create a stand alone site.   The purpose is to direct potential customers to the items of interest.  I've now taken over the domain I created for Cafe Press and directed it towards my own site Military Vectors.  On Military Vectors, you can look for a unit, badge or particular product.  You can see examples of graphics work as well as designs that can be customized for your use.  My Facebook is also more active with almost 450 "fans" seeing new designs coming out.  I've recently filled a few design requests for US Cavalry and Explosive Specialists.  I had designed the Homeland Security logo and TSA logo for their Bomb Technicians but after speaking with PR, found out I couldn't use them.
Many of our military members have multiple badges and one of the things I'm doing is keeping a running list of combinations I put together with either a CIB, EIB, CAB group 1 badge or combinations with groups 2-5.
If you want a customized display or have any ideas, send me a note.

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