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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marines and Air Force designs

The Marines have recently completed an agreement with one of my online stores to allow sellers to use USMC themes on their products.  Cafe Press is now an authorized seller of USMC items as long as they meet respectable criteria.  I'll soon be designing the EAG design and getting some things posted on my Cafe Press store.  I already have some EOD themes with the badge, text, a list of all the different types of explosive ordnance handled by EOD personnel.

For the Air Force, they are very strict on what is put out there and so far are only authorizing direct.  Unlicensed designers can not include U.S. or United States in describing the Air Force or it's a violation of their rights.  So basically, I kept the same designs but removed the U.S. to make it legit.  I believe all of their insignia are also off limits, or at least the use is frowned upon, but I need to verify that.

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