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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Finally got my first sale on SpreadShirt.  I have 12 designs on there now and customers are able to create their own product using my designs and add text.  It's another option besides Zazzle, which allows customers to customize products, Cafe Press which offers a lot of different products and my Piki Central store.  Since I did make a sale, I know people actually use the site and will load up the rest of my designs (eventually). 

I prefer the ease of use I get with Cafe Press's store but don't like the slow uploading process.   Zazzle allows easier uploading of designs but is slower in the designing of products.  I like Piki Central and Spreadshirt since I can just upload designs and customers do the rest but I'm not sure if they'll take that time if they can find it already designed.   No online shop has all the answers, so I leave it up to the customer as to who they want to use by putting my designs everywhere.

Post your comments if you've used any of these stores with feedback on what you like about your favorite.

If you have shopped at one of my stores, thank you for your support.

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