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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Military Vectors and Graphics

Today I got a call from a lady looking for an EOD badge vector that her son could use in a foam board cutout.  The format he needed was EPS which is a vector format available on most CAD programs and Adobe Illustrator which I use to create my designs.  The benefit of vector art is that its scalability is limitless.  Properly constructed, vector art can be shrank or enlarged with no loss of resolution and no distortion, everything stays in place with relation to everything else.  I'm writing about this since all of my illustrations can be purchased as vector art, the fee is higher since the options are much greater.  An EPS file is the blueprint for the drawing and at that point can be edited and changed freely.  Of course, you need the program and knowledge on how it works.

What I have so far in military badges:
Airborne - Basic, Senior, Master and 1-5 Combat Jumps for each
Air Assault
Army Aviation - Basic, Senior and Master
Army Aviator - Basic, Senior and Master
Army Flight Surgeon - Basic, Senior and Master
Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) - 1st through 4th Award
Combat Action Badge (CAB) - 1st through 4th Award
Diver - 2nd Class, 1st Class and Master
Expert Field Medical Badge
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) - Basic, Advanced and Master
Freefall (HALO) - Basic and Jump Master
Naval Parachutist
Purple Heart - with and without ribbon
South Korean Jump Wings - Basic, Senior, Master and Gold

More info can be found on my website I also have a Bomb Suit and AH-64 Apache illustrated

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