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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designs with Patches and Badges

Now that I have a good set of badges and patches, I've started putting together more elaborate designs.  Soldiers in Airborne units almost always have earned the badge and now I've combined the 101st (which isn't Airborne anymore but still), 82nd and 173rd Airborne units along with the badge and where they are located.  Infantry unit members would most likely earn a CIB during sometime in their military career and now they can get their unit patch along with the CIB for the 1st ID, 2nd ID, 4th ID and 10th Mountain.   Since the 101st is more an Air Assault unit now, I've included the badge and patch combination.

I tend to find most of my source material for the illustrations online that I run across a lot of different photos of the different badges, patches and military emblems.  I see a lot of them taken directly from online and thrown on products within the online shops.  There's also a lot of quickly created illustrations of the same items.  I pride myself in taking the time to create an impressive representation of the items I illustrate.  If you visit my designs, please hit like or comment on them (if you do) so my designs can get pushed ahead.

As always, if you have a combination or design you want to suggest (no obligation to buy), send it to 

Thank you

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