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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cafe Press shirt

In my previous post, I was talking about ordering a shirt from my Cafe Press store.  Got my shirt last night in the mail box.  It was folded up and wrapped with a brown paper band.  The design had a lot of small printed areas so the printing quality wasn't that bad.  If you look at my design I have the Special Forces patch at the bottom as an example, the SF tab is not that sharp and the CFMB, CAB and Airborne wings aren't either.  I can understand since they print the ink directly on the shirt, the shirt being absorbent and all, that fine detail would be difficult to obtain.  All in all, taking into consideration the direct printing, the qualities of tshirts, and the fine detail I would normally not have on a design, I think the shirt came out pretty well.

I don't know the quality of their other products, but the shirts don't seem to be worth the money that I have to charge to make any type of living.

I'm looking into selling silk-screened shirts through so stay tuned for updates.

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